Our branding services range from a simple brand board to a detailed brand book. This depends on your business and your goals, as well as your budget.

The brand board contains a main logo, an alternative logo and a favicon, your brand colors and typography and 2-3 graphic elements and a pattern or texture. The brand book contains more details, like how colors will be combined, a photography guide, more graphic elements as well as illustrations, more patterns and whatever might be important for your brand. This will help you in keeping your brand visuals cohesive.

We also design custom presentations for Keynote, business cards, social media graphics, packaging, stationery, gear for your staff or literally anything that you need to make your brand stand out.


Your website is your storefront and therefore it’s important to have your business goals in mind. Using your brand guide we will design a website that’s unique and suits your ideal customer. If you have no brand guide but already have a logo we can design you a lite version of a brand board to make sure everything is cohesive with the rest of your visual communication.

First we will design a website prototype that will give you a first impression of how your website will look and feel.

Web Development

When the prototype is approved we start with developing your website. Our go-to CMS is WordPress because almost everything is possible and you can edit and add content whenever you want. We don’t work with drag and drop systems like DIVI or Elementor. However, you will have your own custom theme and no unnecessary PlugIns or Features.

After that you will get a guide on how to add and edit content on your theme and how to make the most of WordPress and the PlugIns we recommend.

Web Development for Webdesigners

Are you a Webdesigner and need help with implementing your clients or your own design in WordPress? We can help you with a custom theme for an existing design.

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